Swedish Massage.... £35/30 mins,   £50/60 mins

    Reflexology ...............£40/30 mins,   £50/60 mins

    Deep Tissue..............£40/30 mins,   £50/60 mins

    Full Body Massage...£35/30 mins,   £50/60 mins 

    Normal Price:

    Swedish Massage.... £30/30 mins,   £45/60 mins

    Reflexology ...............£30/30 mins,   £45/60 mins

    Deep Tissue..............£30/30 mins,   £45/60 mins

    Full Body Massage...£30/30 mins,   £45/60 mins

    Special Price Rate:

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Julie Lee

Terry Richardson

John Heath

Lily Goodwin

Thank you to the wonderful Tadworth Chinese Massage Centre. I always needed to regular massage treatment to combat my bad back, and shoulder and neck pain I get from my work. I always felt they are friendly and offered the massage service I need. For that I am grateful.

I visited Massage in Tadworth Surrey initially to seek treatment for my insomnia. Many thanks to Dr. Xui  for her acupuncture treatment. I now not only stopped taking sleeping pills, but can really feel the difference on my face. It looks smoother and uplifted. The procedure was not only painless but surprisingly relaxing. I also feel more energetic after the treatment

When I first came to Massage in Tadworth Surrey, I was suffering from stress, eczema and IBS. But after seven weeks of herbs and a course of acupuncture, I have seen a dramatic improvement and most of my symptoms have gone. Having lived with these conditions for many years, the relief has been unbelievable. I am truly thankful to the doctors at Massage in Tadworth Surrey and have no hesitation in recommending their treatment.

I have known Dr. Xui for some considerable time.  I have always been so grateful for the treatment Dr. Xui gave me for the severe pain in my back. I couldn’t imagine how acupuncture was going to help me!!  I had seen the x-ray of my spine and the bones were looking so out of place - how could those needles possibly cure the chronic pain I was suffering?


Well I can say, with hand on my heart, that the treatment was fantastic.  I went from hardly being able to stand up straight, to dancing out of the treatment room, twisting round in circles and yelling out really loudly how good I felt.

 I can only add to that statement:   Dr. Xui is a miracle worker – put your trust in her and let her work her magic – it’s fantastic.